Are you tired of ...

feeling overly emotional?
needing an afternoon nap or LARGE cup of coffee?
getting sick often?
not being able to sleep at night?
not being in the 'mood' even though you ADORE your husband?
constantly craving carbs?
gaining weight no matter what you try?

If you are already overwhelmed and tired, the holidays can seem like anything but a holiday.

The travel, the family, the parties, the year-end deadlines!  It's enough to drive anyone crazy.

As we try to fit an entire year's worth of stuff into the next 1 or 2 months, these 5 Keys will help prepare you to handle your stress better and avoid the fatigue and exhaustion that can result.

Tuesday, September 13th 8pm PST
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 During the webinar, you will learn
  • the different kinds of stress that make up your total stress load.
  • how your body deals with short-term and long-term stress...including how stress can add inches to your waistline.
  •  5 keys you can take to help relieve your stress and fatigue so that you can enjoy the holidays with resilience, radiance and grace.
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Maria Quintana-Pilling

Maria Quintana-Pilling is a certified holistic nutrition consultant and natural chef, specializing in women's health & digestive issues. 

Maria's interest in nutrition and health began when her women's health-related issue got out of control.  Maria decided to look beyond Western medicine and do her own research.   What she discovered is that food is a very powerful medicine and the simple act of eating can heal, rejuvenate and protect you.